Dirty Slap Keister

Born in a labratory to Subject M33479 and Subject F99324, Slap spent the first 3 years of his life within the confines of the test tube that bore him. On being extracated from his surrogate womb he decided to explore the world by sitting down and letting it come to him. Due to the fact that he sat on a roller skate this didn't take long, but he eventually got stuck between two hills on the A45.

As he sat there waiting for the world, first a slurry pit, then a music festival sprung up around him, it's one act being Phillip Glass. Around this time, his roller skate was stolen by a small army of mutant voles, and being forced to stand up for only the second time in his life, he bumped in to Bongo Keister. When he came to, he found he was in hospital being pestered by the afformentioned Bongo, wibbling on about Keisterism, and how they should spread it. Rather than telling him where to go, he gave in and has been looking for a way to escape ever since.

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