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Not To Be Sniffed Atposted by: KeisterMeister
00:48  24-10-2005

The Keisters' debut long playing album, "Not To Be Sniffed At" has been released.

Recorded on a budget not exceeding the price of a packet of pork scratchings, we present an audio masterpiece. Produced in that newfangled 'Stereo' the kids talk about, it is the product of 5 mildly deranged minds contemplating existence and sticking two beefy fingers up at it.

Amongst the other goodies provided in the package, such as artwork, lyrics and a high quality case for it's protection, the Compact Disc itself contains 14 of our recordings in a sequential order (we toyed with running the tracks in parallel, but this confused test audiences). The order of service is as follows:

1. The Era Of Sheds
2. (The Rise and Fall of) The Riffy Hos
3. Trap 2
4. Thru Your Window
5. Killer Yaks Are Scared Of Shovels
6. Stress Test
7. S.O.R.
8. Fumbling For A Ventricle
9. Care Anymore?
10. Monitor
11. Redneck Incest Stomp (Smells Like White Spirit)
12. Theme From 'The Keisters'
13. New Life
14. Flamework

To obtain your FREE copy of this glorious artefact of musical history, contact your local Keister through the usual methods (contact details here).

The Keisters

That's It!!!posted by: BONGO
12:12  20-08-2005

As you may have guessed. The Keisters are no more. If anyone who has supported The Keisters would like a copy of our departing quality album "The Keisters: Not To Be Sniffed At" drop me a mail at and we will get you one as soon as the are ready.

Keep on groovin' in the free world!

Merry Time of Year blah etc.posted by: KeisterMeister
13:27  24-12-2004

From all of us at Keisterville, UK, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a bostin' time!

Last Chance ...posted by: BONGO
21:59  27-11-2004

Gang ... We think you should know that the gig on December 9th is going to be our last one for a while whilst we go away and re-invent ourselves (again!). Soooooo ... At the December 9th gig at Actress & Bishop we plan to entertain and enjoy. So, get your asses on the forum and post any requests that you might wanna hear and we will see what we can do!!! And, of course, get your asses down there!!!!

"We'll be Back!"

The Keisters - Album underway!!!posted by: BONGO
10:09  22-11-2004

Work on The Keisters album is well and truly underway. Watch this space...

...and Suggestions for the album title are welcome on the Keister Forum.

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